The French Connection - Septiéme (7th) Note ... oo la la Maison et Objét, where to begin?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rebonjour à tous! I am very sorry to be tardy with this week's edition but have been suffering from amazing décor overload as well as struggling to get photos downloaded and thoughts organized.

The salon seemed even more enormous than usual, and I was a little overwhelmed even before entering ... these huge signs greeted us with loud bursts of color!

Well, first off, first impressions ... the theme as I would describe it is 2012 Get Happy! (emphasized with this year's Pantone color of the year TANGERINE tango!) now I know Maison et Objet has its own theme, logo, etc. but in general everyone seemed to be trying their hardest to inject some fun and whimsy into their offerings.

I saw lots of bright, juicy colors. Punchy primary colors are in in in...!

Whimsy! Lots of quirky little accessories to brighten up a space affordably. Humorous touches. Upbeat vendors.

Another trend was, of course, the ever expanding green market. upcycled, recycled, reimagined, transformed materials.

Artisanal everywhere. Locally-made in big demand and emphasized greatly. If something wasn't hand made, it was still created to look like it was.

Lighting ... seems like there was alot more lighting on display! trying lift our spirits, maybe?

A whole building devoted to Ethnic Chic with lots of interesting ideas and presentations ...

An inspiring expo of the Ateliers d'Art of France with young designers strutting their stuff...

Really, the whole show was phenomenal and, because it is a truly international affair, I can definitely say the whole world is feeling a bit in need of a mood change... and designers everywhere are doing their best to encourage, inspire and uplift starting with our home environments!

I am going to share photos for the next few columns so you can see more about these themes I've mentioned.

Since Johnelle and I adore color so much, maybe I will start there!

here is a raspberry hot flash, very nice to punch up your boudoir!

colorful lamps in fun shapes too!

colorful in lace, too!


LOTS of color for the table top, too!

and who doesn't love some color drenched chairs? not us at Mignonne or The Bohemians!

loved this olivey, chartreusy green chair!

more of my favorite green on a stripy indoor outdoor ensemble ... much brighter in person!

Next week I will share ideas imbued with whimsy and playfullness ... and more COLOR! Really, much of the show had a no camera policy so my pics are meant to whet your inspiration appetites and some were even on the sly so .... no promises that I will be landing any photo shoots soon, but you will get a taste for sure.

*all images courtesy of Kimberlee Mancha

Our guest correspondent for The French Connection is Kimberlee Mancha, mother of Johnelle and co-founder of Mignonne Décor. Now living in France, Kimberlee started our sister shop "The Bohemians" in 2009. She will be providing live updates for all you Francophiles and lovers of beautiful European inspirations.



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