Spring Greens ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh greens at Mignonne!

Half Moon Table, great for entry way!

Charming sideboard for kitchen or dining room ~

Highboy chest ~

Time to freshen up for spring? give us a call or email us a quick photo of your project piece. We're here to help...

dream spot ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today I was perusing an article in Elle Décor, Blogs We Love and was led to stylebeat.blogspot.com and a feature on Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home in San Francisco.

There I found this luscious photo featuring an inviting spot to rest, sip a cup of tea, peruse Elle Décor ... etcetera, etcetera ... all those things I, as a young mom of 2 rambunctious kids, used to dream of doing on a white chair and ottoman in a peaceful alcove in my cottage by the sea ... or the vineyards ... or the city lights!

Yes, someday I would be tasteful and elegant and thoughtfully understated. When visitors would pop in unexpectedly ... I would fling my door wide so they could glimpse the vignettes of wonder carefully sprinkled throughout my abode.

heh heh.

Flash forward to 2010. Two adult kids off on their own. Instead, we've dogs and garden projects and sanding dust and unfinished rooms and coco the cat ... and still no white chairs of respite to take me away.

Instead of imagining your dream room of the future, why not give Johnelle a call for some partnership and inspiration on creating your functionally fantastic space for today? Practical advice and affordable project support can help you start living a little sweeter in the present ... take it from me, those perfect dream rooms are most likely just for dreaming!

( I DO still love that pop of orange on white ... but there must be a million ways to achieve that effect in a more practical way than an armchair ... !!)

Making a "Scene"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're so excited to see Johnelle Mancha (proprietaire) and Mignonne Décor featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Scene Magazine!

This issue of Scene, The East Bay Woman's Guide to Style, includes a feature entitled "Cross Culture", focusing on female entrepreneurs who are local tastemakers. Johnelle, with her international background and design-forward style, is interviewed in the spread. She talks about the influences and inspirations she uses to create her unique designs ... France, of course, is a major theme. Click HERE to see more!

Scene is a quarterly journal that is brimming with design and fashion ideas from the local Bay Area scene. Find it at your favorite bookstore!

garbage can be pretty!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

look at this way cool ice bucket ... now sure, you could go ahead and use it for ice and why not? its adorable.

but we also think it would be totally fun to put it in a powder room for your wastebasket ... and the cover would be practical too! this is what we mean by reimagining everyday items with a twist.

Design Consultation

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We've told you about our furniture refurbishing services and how much we love custom projects. We've set up affordable options for our customers, like layaway, to help make your vision reality.

Did you know we also offer décor consultation? Ever feel like you have all the right pieces but just can't get your décor "puzzle" to come together? Well, you'd be surprised how much you can learn with just an hour or two of advice from Johnelle, our design specialist (and proprietaire!).

For a reasonable hourly fee, Johnelle will make a personal visit to your home to review the space you're seeking help with. She can advise on a range of subjects ... including color, room layout, lighting, what to do about that 'questionable' chair ... :-)

She'll leave you with a list of actionable ideas. Steps you can take yourself and ideas that we are available to help with, if you choose to have our support. Our ongoing design services include refurbishing existing furniture, painting, selecting fabric and arranging reupholstery with our talented partners, rearranging room pieces, identifying missing or new furniture pieces to complete/augment your room and scouting them out for your review and purchase.

We have a number of satisfied clients and would love to add you to that list! Call or email us to find our more ... or to pose your design question.

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