Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IR: There are no small ideas, only small spaces. Defunct are the days of grandeur, and we say: be gone with them, anyhow! Small spaces have practicalities which facilitate a modern life, unfettered by tedious upkeep and a heavy bill pile.

So lets talk about how to make the best use of a small space. With some practical solutions devised by lead designer Johnelle Mancha and her ever-innovative Mignonne team, we'd like to present some examples of just how we've conquered the dilemmas of the small space, and helped this client make the most of their more petite abode.

Customized pieces can be the best route in making the most use of a space that's dimensionally challenged. Dual use decorative and storage pieces, like an entryway hall tree can provide the feeling of a hall or foyer, without the real existence of one. 

Multi-use pieces designed for a dual purpose space, like the kitchen island designed by Johnelle and husband Brian Hill from a vintage dresser, which provides service as a storage unit, a kitchen surface space, and even a table on which to enjoy your home-cooked meals, can make your home into a swiss army space! 

Partitions like the vintage door room-dividers made here to order, can be used however you like, providing more space to hang paintings, privacy in study and changing areas, or just something to break up the space, which is an important factor when residing in limited quarters. There's only a short period of time in most peoples lives where living in a dorm room is appealing, and as adults, most of us can say those days are behind us.

Next comes styling, wherein storage is king! Every space should be utilized, and the challenge for the Mignonne crew, when re-vamping a small space, is to combine storage needs with the desire to minimize clutter and overpacking. In this space they utilized side-tables, shelving and vintage repurposed crates to optimize (and beautify) the storage capacity. They styled with the Mignonne touch, a bright and modern eclectic style, giving the small space some much needed vivacity. To get the full understanding of the project, I've included some before shots, take a look.

Johnelle ultimately executed her intent for the studio apartment, that being to break the space up into usage areas: living room, bedroom, and entryway, etc. By doing this she gave versatility and variety to what was, on its own, a stale living quarters, if not a great blank canvas.

And…please have a look at the feature Mignonne received on APARTMENT THERAPY of this studio revamp, we are so thankful for the post!

Design consults can be scheduled with our lead designer by the hour, and pieces can be made to order. For whatever the extent of your re-decoration, we can help! Have questions? Don't be shy, shoot us an email at

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

IR: A body in motion stays in motion, and a body in rest stays in rest unless acted on by external force, or so Newton says. Change leads to inspiration, productivity, and a healthy lifestyle. We know the concept well.

Any interior designer will tell you how cathartic it can be to put new life into your surroundings, may it be at home or at work. It's the kick in the butt to get you moving, changing and growing.

Stagnation can be dangerously contagious, like mold in the fruit bowl. We like to live by this idea, by keeping things moving, literally and figuratively, the Mignonne team is a body in motion.

Decorating your space shouldn’t just be a reward for your success. The creation of a healthy living and working environment can be a tool for productivity. Think of your environment as an extension of your state of mind. They say that a clean, organized and lovely home leads to a clear mind, they don't mention the act of doing it is what really pushes you forward. The changes take place when you disrupt the norm, and stop stagnating.

Images courtesy of imgfave and ULTRALINX.

Need some help? Shoot us an email at, we don't need much to work with, and we can help you liven up your space with little (or big) re-arrange.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

IR: ...any color. Want to have some things painted but you don't really know where to start?

There are many methods to picking a color, but the method in discussion today is picking colors by scheme. And we are here to help you create a palette.

The images on top were some of the inspiration photos sent to us by a client of ours. With this starting off point, Johnelle created a concept and color palette just for her, in a range of rich, New Orleans blues. The upholstered chair and bedside table are just two examples of the collection we re-vamped, inspired by the monochrome and French Provincial, New Orleans style seen in the photos up top.

Want to get started yourself at home/ arrive prepared?  Try using a color tool to pull colors from images that you love. There's an app for that! It's for the color challenged and it's called Adobe K├╝ler. What it does is help pinpoint a few exact colors in an image, arranging them neatly in a palette for you, on the go. Narrowing your color scheme can open your eyes to color ideas you hadn't thought of, and help you get the ball rolling with project and renovation ideas. During this stage of the process, you've got nothing to lose, so play around!

Why is finding a color palette helpful? With a color palette you can create a coordinated collection of furniture. You can draw inspiration from whatever it is you like, and we can help create a palette and custom mix colors from your favorite color schemes!

To start a conversation about re-vamping your furniture, shoot us an email at

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