Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IR: When your furniture purchases can pay off over a lifetime or more, it's the ultimate. Such is the case with our Kroehler chairs. Their streamlined, modern frames make them versatile, and able to coordinate within a variety of looks. Brand recognition and integrity make certain they appreciate with time. Investing in furniture like this means you can have your piece longer than the life of the upholstery, when you finally do tire it out you'll have quality bones worth the cost of revitalization. Although purchases of this nature can come with a higher price tag than an ikea dining set (though not necessarily), they pay for themselves in longevity and integrity.

The Kroehler dining chairs we have in the shop have been expertly upholstered by us, in a demure black canvas to highlight the festive, teal Bolivian textile on the chair backs. We find it essential to not simply mimic a style, like the ever popular, mid-century modern, but to put a re-envision on it, with the Mignonne touch.

The Kroehler name...
Kroehler is an American furniture company that's still in business today, and in it's heyday was one of the larger producers of modern furniture stateside. The company had a big part in branding the sleek modern look of the mid century eras, a look that has vastly outlasted its time in popularity and relevance.

Mix it up...
Incorporating vintage furniture, from extreme kitsch to timeless classic, is a big part of a achieving a contemporary look. We enjoy giving furniture a new life, and thinking outside of the box, while not simply mimicking the decor of the past. Unconventional upholstery can tell a story, in a functional medium. A piece can be more than its associations.

For inquiries about our Kroehler chairs, other desirables in the shop, or any of our many services from upholstery to full scale interior design, just shoot us an email at


Sunday, December 7, 2014

IR: Are you like us, slightly obsessed with Pinterest, and very obsessed with gorgeous interiors? Thought so. Well, isn't it time to do something about that virtual pin-board you've been building? We use our Pinterest page in our work all the time, whether it's browsing and daydreaming for inspiration, or compiling ideas for a current project, or to post our own finished products. It's no shame, Pinterest was made as a virtual inspiration board, so lets get to work on making your dreams come true!

Quite often in the beginning stages of a project, we have clients send us ideas they've compiled from the internet, visual examples that help us better understand what it is that thrills you in a design, and what we can do to make that happen.

Our sincere hope is that you don't get lost in the internet. Lets get our hands dirty and make some magic happen. Let's transform your home into something that others are pinning about!

Don't forget to check out our Pinterest, here, where designer Johnelle posts inspiration for specific projects, our own work, and anything that that strikes our fascination!

Would you like us to help you with a design based off of your Pinterest board? Get the ball rolling on your interior design project big or small? We're always happy to hear from you, whether it's about furniture restoration, upholstery, or customizations of all kinds. Even if you're not at that point quite yet, and just need some information on what you need to get started on a project with us! We love to make your dreams happen. Just shoot us an email at 

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

IR: Our recent post about the naming process got me on a long trail of thought. How things can often remind one of anything from a movie, to a memory and so forth. It's worth exploring concept of evocation in a broader sense than naming alone, it occurred to me. Making connections can be a great jumping-off point for a brainstorm on design projects small to large, not to mention a big help when styling, after you bring home that statement piece you've been coveting! 

To evoke is to call on, may it elicit a reminiscence, or create memory anew. These occurrences are what create soul in an object or a piece, and often, what makes us fall in love with furniture.

A recollection of a past era, a nod to a place one's traveled (or dreamed of traveling), or a design that pleases the senses, these are some evocations that can all help us make valuable choices when coordinating.

Though perception may differ from one person to another, the power of evocation is nonetheless undeniable, and we think, that this is when personal style becomes truly alive. 

One of designer Johnelle Mancha's newest creations is her lovely kilim ottomans in small and large (available on our website), evoking in many, images of a bohemian atmosphere, with influences of eastern art and tapestries draped on the wall. The inspiration photos below can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here!

Something clever about an evoked emotion, memory or idea is that it can be physical, or emotional, may it be in a piece found, custom designed, or a combination thereof. The connections we make could be personal or general, shared with like minds or held by us alone, but whatever they are, they are a large part of what we see when looking at a design. At Mignonne, we cherish pieces and the feelings they evoke in us, believing when you're open to the idea, it can lead to further inspiration. 

Don't hesitate to shoot us an email with any questions. We offer design services large to small, in addition to finished furniture, and decor items! We're reachable at

xoxo mignonne 

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