Sunday, January 18, 2015

IR: The process of rolling out new pieces in the shop involves many fun steps, and may it be a small side table or a full sized overhauled couch in full patchwork leather, always it deserves a name!

Often, the inspiration for title name comes in a fleeting second from a spark of inspiration, like striking a match. Whether Johnelle herself does the deed, or one of us gets to dub a piece, a gut feeling is always where it begins.

And like the strike of the match, a good name can be a fire-starter, beckoning new inspiration. We like to think our furniture radiates personality, that pieces converse, and a room filled with love and design comes to life. Thus, a name can be another part in the process of making those connections.

Our 'TAHOE' ottoman is upholstered in a vintage wool blanket, accented with herringbone buttons, and a green velvet piping, along with the recycled materials that re-iderateing the 'Keep Tahoe Blue' statement, the nature of the cozy wool and color scheme on 'TAHOE' recall us of relaxing cabin stays in the local oasis of its namesake.

Let a name spark your imagination, you may find that you just can't get that flame out of your head.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

IR: In our last post I wrote about the power of small change for big effect. We love affordable, minor revamps that posses the ability to alter style, color scheme, and essence of a space. Well, today, expanding on the subject, we're talking about another small accent yielding tremendous effect. The name of the game: drawer pulls!

From big or small, ceramic to brass to even loose rope, pulls are nearly universal, and therefore, can be an interchangeable feature as easily as earrings in your ears.

With the mid century KENSINGTON vanity in the first photo, matching pulls were affixed. But rather than finding modern pulls for this 60s classic, designer Johnelle Mancha balanced out the angular lines of the piece with a floral, provincial set of pulls. 

Another example in the mid-century realm, is our ever glamourous, black and gold LAURENT side tables, the last photo. Johnelle took two great pairs of pulls, and combined them, giving the tables each the same mismatched set, brass on the one side and a pop of pink on the other! 

Similarly, pictured top right, is one of the DECO TWINS (still available, I might add) side tables, another of a mid-century origin, which have been accented with comparable, yet mismatched pulls. We love vintage, but there's no rule that says a look is set in stone, we like to bring our vintage darlings into the now with some contemporary flare.

Lastly is our HAMPTONS side table set to the bottom left; darling basic tables jazzed up with a New England kitsch. The simple design of this table allows for flexibility with the color choices and hardware. Logically the anchor pulls seemed the perfect fit for these cuties. It just had to be done.  

Really, we love how, by styling with pulls, you can transform a chest of drawers or side table from static to rustic, or from stale, to a sleek modern. From years in the interior design world, those of us at Mignonne have learned how drastically the details like hardware can truly define a piece.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IR: When your furniture purchases can pay off over a lifetime or more, it's the ultimate. Such is the case with our Kroehler chairs. Their streamlined, modern frames make them versatile, and able to coordinate within a variety of looks. Brand recognition and integrity make certain they appreciate with time. Investing in furniture like this means you can have your piece longer than the life of the upholstery, when you finally do tire it out you'll have quality bones worth the cost of revitalization. Although purchases of this nature can come with a higher price tag than an ikea dining set (though not necessarily), they pay for themselves in longevity and integrity.

The Kroehler dining chairs we have in the shop have been expertly upholstered by us, in a demure black canvas to highlight the festive, teal Bolivian textile on the chair backs. We find it essential to not simply mimic a style, like the ever popular, mid-century modern, but to put a re-envision on it, with the Mignonne touch.

The Kroehler name...
Kroehler is an American furniture company that's still in business today, and in it's heyday was one of the larger producers of modern furniture stateside. The company had a big part in branding the sleek modern look of the mid century eras, a look that has vastly outlasted its time in popularity and relevance.

Mix it up...
Incorporating vintage furniture, from extreme kitsch to timeless classic, is a big part of a achieving a contemporary look. We enjoy giving furniture a new life, and thinking outside of the box, while not simply mimicking the decor of the past. Unconventional upholstery can tell a story, in a functional medium. A piece can be more than its associations.

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