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Monday, August 29, 2011

I sometimes dream of waking up at a far away flea market. My dream is hazy, and I am surrounded in a dusty land with treasures abound! Kind of like this...

I know often times it can be overwhelming to think of incorporating that new member to the family... the rug. It says so much, it takes up space, often times having it's own room...it's needless to say... a commitment! This core hotspot can add so much to a space, and doesn't always have to break the bank. Working with bright & bold colors in my furniture line, I want to show how they can play in a space smashingly!
so let's start with this ... i think it pretty much sets the stage for where I am going with my obsession for vintage rugs & textiles. ha!

I could stare at this photo of stacked rugs forever, print it out and frame it as art, i love the colors, the warmth, the history. I am always on the hunt for vintage fabrics...here is an example of one I transformed with a similar textile:

okay so back to rugs...

i love that rugs, books, and art can be the pop a space needs! This rug below says it all, and makes the space!

This pic below shows you that you can mix and match patterns, and still have a crisp fresh look! Many times when working with clients on the hunt for a rug the idea of one that has patterns or colors can be intimidating. When you break through that fear, beautiful things can happen. Of course too much of anything can be an over kill, but again, I love how this pic proves us wrong!

All and all, rugs can help ground a room and make a statement! We can help transform a space for you here at Mignonne! With a design team ready to help, we can help jumpstart that design project you've been putting off, it can be as simple as helping find a new rug... ha! Email us to start a dialogue to quotes@mignonnedecor.com

Johnelle & Mignonne crew!

pic 1 & 2: From crushculdesac.tumblr.com
pic 4: deniseathome.tumblr.com
pic 5: From mylittleapartment.blogspot.com
pic 6: From apartment34.blogspot.com

be Bold & Live a little...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's always exciting to get lost in the moment, a colorful dream, where you have no inhibitions, and life just flows! It is so ridiculous how ridiculous it can all just be sometimes (ha!), and so when I find myself in a bind to follow my gut on color & design... is this piece too bright? Can I dare to go there? Could we really build that? I am more and more inclined to take those risks, and realize why not? I can't bare the thought of loosing the fun of it all. So today's challenge is to look at the surroundings you are in, and ask...

Am I bold enough?

Do I take a stance?

It is surprising how color and art can play into our everyday moods, and that is why transforming these pieces makes me alive. Be bold, choose freely, and pass it on! And for those who need a little guidance and helping hand we are here at Mignonne to just so.


Playing with fabric

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So you want to think outside of the box for your custom re-upholstery but not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips that will help you incorporate playfulness and whimsy
into your modern interior design.

1.) Go Retro! Often thriftier than more contemporary fabrics, you can really achieve a unique flair with this nostalgic alternative. You're not limited to digging through bins at your local thrift shop either, use an old blanket, curtains, that dress shoved in the back of the closet... really the sky is the limit.

2.) Think Local. We recently collaborated with local fabric designer Caroline Cecil on this lovely twosome, pairing a vintage chair with her pink hand silk screened cheetah print!

3.) Use patterns. Dots, stripes, chevrons or even your own custom patchwork! This sweet reupholstered arm chair even includes sentimental swatches of it's owners wedding veil in the patchwork, making it even more special!

4.) Last but not least... Make it POP! Inject some bright colors into your design. Yellows, pinks, chartreuse... A surprising flash of buttons or contrasting piping makes your new piece stand out.

Open your eyes to inspiration. Recognize pleasurable patterns in nature, colors that may be missing in your life or ones that bring you joy. Touch, feel, explore, appreciate those subtle details that make all the difference. Flip through magazines and start a look book. Snap photos when your vision is stimulated and translate that into your own expression!
Good luck & have fun!

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