Saturday, November 30, 2013

IR: I think it's about time to talk about the big issues. Big projects, big spaces, and BIG ideas. At Mignonne we don't just work on individual pieces, interior design is a big part of our wheelhouse, and with the redesigning of a space, we bring in a number of new elements to the equation. 

We mix the old and the new. We work with our clients to design around their aesthetic, or even specific pieces they're inspired by. But possibly the biggest part of this process is the custom installations. Sometimes there's a piece that we need, and that piece doesn't exist yet. For this we call on our lead design team and lead carpenter to create something truly one of a kind. Whether it be a small set of wall shelves or a floor to ceiling built in! 

::before and after - water heater solution::

What's so wonderful about this is we don't have to be hindered by what's at hand, when you can customize, the sky's the limit (or maybe the ceiling). 

Bookshelves and other types of wall storage are some of the most common custom installations. Because for the most part, we're all attached to our accessories and knick knacks, we like to find a way for you to display them, and eliminate clutter at the same time. For commercial spaces and homes alike, a beautiful space saving installation can make life all the easier, as well as being pleasing to the eye. 

::custom commercial shelving unit::

 One commercial project we worked on was for our West Berkeley neighbors on Fourth street in the shopping district. Out of the several custom pieces and installations we did for them, probably the most evident is their fabulous herringbone soft wood floors we put in, with the reclaimed wood counter. 

::ketér salon - reclaimed counter and herringbone floors::

So if you're thinking of a piece that doesn't quite exist yet, or even if you've found it but it's not for sale, we can help customize something for your space and for your life! You can always email us at for any project inquiries, and we'd be more than happy to start a dialogue.

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