Trickster Gallery & Shop Buildout

Sunday, November 25, 2012

   When Anita from Trickster Inc, came to Mignonne to inquire about the possibility of collaborating 
on her new retail space for Trickster, we were ecstatic!  Not only do we love what the company does-  they specialize in creator-owned art, limited edition books, and wares amongst much more..., but we also loved Anita's make up story that kept her new retail space much in mind.  She created a fake 'history' of her store front, rifting off the real phases the last decades have had- prohibition, berkeley in the sixties...and shared it with me.  Let me tell you, Anita is one of the best story tellers there is!  Throughout the phase of our project she shared many, that always kept me on the tip of my toes.  Her story on the shop really captured a mood, and vibe that I wanted to deliver in the buildout.  I left that meeting, and collaborated with my other half / lead carpenter Brian Hill so we could manifest her dream space!  Next step...see the shop!

I'll be honest, I walked in and, this is really a blank canvas!  And had to just push my confidence that we could def make it happen...

And so the transformation began!  Anita is amazing in that she knows exactly what she likes and doesn't.  From a designers point of view, I think this cuts out a lot of wasted going back and forth, and choices get made quicker.  We shoed her our sketches/designs/visuals etc..yes we have a very Bohemian approach to design, which works for us :)!

Walls went up, and our favorite color!  I really wanted to go dark to make the space more dramatic in a modern way, and this gray is so sharp.

Mignonne's design consisted of large bookcases to really bring your eye up to bring out the grandeur of the space, while playing with that old library vibe.  We were set to build custom ones, when Anita spotted these at Omega Salvage- could we revamp them?  You better believe it, so we snagged them cutting cost here and they turned out amazing...thanks to Brian's carpentry and skills!
before pic:

As the space continued to progress with Brian focusing on building custom display pieces, I continued to work on decor- like these custom velvet curtains I designed and our upholsterer sewed to make such a crazy cool entrance!

Here are some of the custom pieces Brian built:

custom french inspired moulding

 which we then modified to allow for better art hanging for Anita!

custom island display pieces:

and the decorating continued...

I found the perfect rug, reupholstered chairs, scored on an antique National cash reg, refinished a desk for Anita's office, and designed top hat light fixtures...

My dear friend Hannah Stouffer was hired to do an amazing installation of the Trickster logo:

With lots of handwork, the space has grown into something beautiful and inviting...

So go check them out in Elmwood, Berkeley!

Mignonne is available for hire for interior & commercial projects.
email us to start a dialogue :)


Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Mexicana Settee

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This 1940's chaise lounge is a piece that I designed recently and has taken the spot of one of my top favs ever!  The geometric design paired with the pops of red and cool modern white made it so incredibly fun to design.  I used remnants of a Hudson Bay blanket, white linen, white burlap, denim, and mexican throws.  Those of you who follow Mignonne and my designs, know that I love being bold while still having a sharp edge.

Functional art is what you will find in the showroom at Mignonne.  It can be hard sometime I think for my clients to understand how a piece like this could be integrated into a space, and spearhead a design- let me tell's simpler than you think.  First off, please don't over think every bit of color that comes into your home.  Pick a couple of colors that you know you would love to have dance within a space, then pick a few key pieces that can bounce off each other.  I like simple white or cream walls for the client who would be willing to take a risk with such a piece.  It helps keep a room alive, intentional, and not circusy!?

Once you have a couple colors and a core piece you know you would like to integrate, like this Mexicana Settee, you can then make smart choices with your other core pieces, and art pops throughout a room.  Let's say this Mexicanan Settee I just finished was brought into a new living room.  I could for example see it pairing with a simple grey modern couch as such:

So now we have white walls, this grey linen modern couch, and the Mexicana Settee.

To ground the space with a rug (over hardwood) I could envision either of these options below coming into the mix.  They play off the tones of the settee, have a natural earthy vibe that keeps the room sharp versus trying too hard, and also allow for more art pieces to have intention!

So back to the settee, now we have hints of yellow, reds, corals, and the modern blacks and whites that we can pull from to add subtle other pops in our living room!

I could see this type of shelving unit working well to showcase books etc... having some of the pop bindings play off the Mexicana Settee.

A few pieces of art to tie all together, and voila!

A room redo can start with that one artsy piece, such as the Mexicana Settee!  Remember you can always collaborate with Mignonne on a new piece, or design services.  Email us to start a dialogue at

settee pics:  johnelle mancha, grey couch pic: Houzz, rug pics: West Elm, art pic 1: Larry Zox, art pic 2:

Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Mad Men Desk

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This week's Salvaged Chic of the Week is the sophisticated Mad Men Desk.  Johnelle revamped this vintage beauty for a client. One of the many great things about this desk is that is can also be used as a vanity.  In a shared room, this stunner let's a masculine vibe play with your girly goodies that us ladies love to use. I love the shape of this desk.. it's sleek lines, tapered legs and capped feet all make it so sharp.

Johnelle also added vintage pulls that play off that mid-century love affair this piece has going for it!

Because of the sleek lines that these mid-century pieces have they're perfect for personalizing. Here you can see how styling a desk like this can create quite a punch!

Or how you can style a desk like this with eclectic selections of your favorite books, a collection of potted plants with bright colors and art for a more eclectic vibe.

  • A mid-century desk similar to our Mad Men one is also perfect for a very practical modern day office.  Mounting your computer on the wall is a perfect way to off set the more shallow    desk,using a laptop would also work well.

While this desk may not have been redesigned for this purpose, I love the idea of a vintage desk being the vanity in a bathroom. Not only does a desk give you ample space, but it also makes it possible for someone special to keep you company while you're in the bath...ha!

           If you're not sure if a neutral vintage desk is right for you, these images clearly demonstrate how using a bright, or very modern, chair can change the look of your 
desk to match your style accordingly.

Vintage desks are also perfect to double as vanities in your bedroom. Books or writing materials can quickly be moved aside for your favorite baubles and that perfect shade of red lipstick. 

Television, magazines, or art are all great places to gather inspiration. Whether you find a color you're in love with, a style, or even just a feeling, they're all perfect jumping off points for the redesign of your new piece.  Feel free to email us at to begin a dialogue.


Mad Men Desk photos by Johnelle Mancha. Other images; Image One: Image Two: Image Image Image Five: Image Six: Image Seven: Image Eight:

Rebekah is a member of the Mignonne family and former Mignonne assistant. She now freelances and owns the company A & B Creative, read her blog.

Curio Love

Monday, July 9, 2012

This piece I just finished is one of those ... could I keep?  Find a space in the house somewhere?  Certainly there could be a place!  And honestly, I am sure I could make it work, but that would mean parting with another gem that I love so dear.  So this works out to your advantage, because she is now up for grabs!  

'Portlight', takes me into an old world I don't want to leave, where precious keepsakes were cherished and treasured, and kept in curio cabinets like this to share with our loved ones.  A pop of color instantly transforms a room and adds for conversation.  When I picked up this piece, I went back and forth on painting it.  It wasn't so far gone that it couldn't have stayed wooden, however it wasn't as magical to me as it is now!  And that is something I try to work with clients on...if you are going to love something so much more once it's been transformed then let's go with the so much more!  A furniture piece is just a furniture piece, and our time here is valuable so I say make your home what you want, and don't get so hooked on what should be, take a risk!

'Portlight" also duals as a desk...I know it gets better!

Such an easy way to put out of sight, out of mind!

Other details I love...

Wooden window trim, and

this cool curved front and claw feet!

for example it could transform your space like:


shoot us an email for a quote on how to transform a piece of your own, or swing by and pick this beaut up!


pics 1-4: mignonne decor, pic 5, pic 6 pinterest

The French Connection: Treizième Edition - Market Days in France

Friday, June 1, 2012

Brantôme, France is the home of Mignonne's sister shop "The Bohemians".  I have lived here since 2008 and one of my favorite things is Market Day.  Throughout France, villages large and small are known to host markets and usually each region has a listing of weekly markets.  Villages tend to vary their market days so you can usually find one every day of the week ...somewhere close! Ours is on Friday ... a wonderful way to end the week, slide into the week-end with fresh produce and ;aybe indulge in a nice lunch at your favorite café!

My village, Brantôme, is situated in the middle of the river Dronne, and the market spills around the village and across the bridge.  It is a little unusual in that it lasts all year round, these days many markets are only in the top of the season.  During Summer, our market really bustles!

In addition to colorful awnings and vegetables, plants, meats, cheeses, wines and honey and all delicious edibles ... you will find clothes, jewelry, baskets, soaps, kitchen goods, tires (!) and all other sorts of useful (or not) items.

I especially enjoy the people watching ... for the markets, particularly outside of tourist season, are also a social venue, a place where the locals come to catch up on the week's gossip and news, share a coffee or aperitif together as well as a few laughs.

Just a little glimpse of life in la belle France!

bises, Kimberlee

Our guest correspondent for The French Connection is Kimberlee Mancha, mother of Johnelle and co-founder of Mignonne Décor. Now living in France, Kimberlee started our sister shop "The Bohemians" in 2009. She will be providing live updates for all you Francophiles and lovers of beautiful European inspirations.

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