Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Mexicana Settee

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This 1940's chaise lounge is a piece that I designed recently and has taken the spot of one of my top favs ever!  The geometric design paired with the pops of red and cool modern white made it so incredibly fun to design.  I used remnants of a Hudson Bay blanket, white linen, white burlap, denim, and mexican throws.  Those of you who follow Mignonne and my designs, know that I love being bold while still having a sharp edge.

Functional art is what you will find in the showroom at Mignonne.  It can be hard sometime I think for my clients to understand how a piece like this could be integrated into a space, and spearhead a design- let me tell's simpler than you think.  First off, please don't over think every bit of color that comes into your home.  Pick a couple of colors that you know you would love to have dance within a space, then pick a few key pieces that can bounce off each other.  I like simple white or cream walls for the client who would be willing to take a risk with such a piece.  It helps keep a room alive, intentional, and not circusy!?

Once you have a couple colors and a core piece you know you would like to integrate, like this Mexicana Settee, you can then make smart choices with your other core pieces, and art pops throughout a room.  Let's say this Mexicanan Settee I just finished was brought into a new living room.  I could for example see it pairing with a simple grey modern couch as such:

So now we have white walls, this grey linen modern couch, and the Mexicana Settee.

To ground the space with a rug (over hardwood) I could envision either of these options below coming into the mix.  They play off the tones of the settee, have a natural earthy vibe that keeps the room sharp versus trying too hard, and also allow for more art pieces to have intention!

So back to the settee, now we have hints of yellow, reds, corals, and the modern blacks and whites that we can pull from to add subtle other pops in our living room!

I could see this type of shelving unit working well to showcase books etc... having some of the pop bindings play off the Mexicana Settee.

A few pieces of art to tie all together, and voila!

A room redo can start with that one artsy piece, such as the Mexicana Settee!  Remember you can always collaborate with Mignonne on a new piece, or design services.  Email us to start a dialogue at

settee pics:  johnelle mancha, grey couch pic: Houzz, rug pics: West Elm, art pic 1: Larry Zox, art pic 2:



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