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Monday, July 9, 2012

This piece I just finished is one of those ... could I keep?  Find a space in the house somewhere?  Certainly there could be a place!  And honestly, I am sure I could make it work, but that would mean parting with another gem that I love so dear.  So this works out to your advantage, because she is now up for grabs!  

'Portlight', takes me into an old world I don't want to leave, where precious keepsakes were cherished and treasured, and kept in curio cabinets like this to share with our loved ones.  A pop of color instantly transforms a room and adds for conversation.  When I picked up this piece, I went back and forth on painting it.  It wasn't so far gone that it couldn't have stayed wooden, however it wasn't as magical to me as it is now!  And that is something I try to work with clients on...if you are going to love something so much more once it's been transformed then let's go with the so much more!  A furniture piece is just a furniture piece, and our time here is valuable so I say make your home what you want, and don't get so hooked on what should be, take a risk!

'Portlight" also duals as a desk...I know it gets better!

Such an easy way to put out of sight, out of mind!

Other details I love...

Wooden window trim, and

this cool curved front and claw feet!

for example it could transform your space like:


shoot us an email for a quote on how to transform a piece of your own, or swing by and pick this beaut up!


pics 1-4: mignonne decor, pic 5, pic 6 pinterest


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