be Bold & Live a little...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's always exciting to get lost in the moment, a colorful dream, where you have no inhibitions, and life just flows! It is so ridiculous how ridiculous it can all just be sometimes (ha!), and so when I find myself in a bind to follow my gut on color & design... is this piece too bright? Can I dare to go there? Could we really build that? I am more and more inclined to take those risks, and realize why not? I can't bare the thought of loosing the fun of it all. So today's challenge is to look at the surroundings you are in, and ask...

Am I bold enough?

Do I take a stance?

It is surprising how color and art can play into our everyday moods, and that is why transforming these pieces makes me alive. Be bold, choose freely, and pass it on! And for those who need a little guidance and helping hand we are here at Mignonne to just so.




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