Monday, February 2, 2015

IR: Pillows and you: the perfect power couple, no strings attached. You can add pop to a simple space using pillows with color, pattern and flare, without making big changes to more permanent features.

Having an arsenal of pillows to add accent where ever necessary can get you un-stuck from a boring décor, without all the commitment. Truly your best friend-with-benefits, pillows can be there when you want them, whether to cuddle you, to accompany your look, and to make you're place feel more homey.

The interchangeable qualities of the throw pillow makes it easy for you to alter the look of a room, spice up a basic couch, or coordinate a look. Our own creations tend to vary based on the specific design needs. Up top I've included a photo of a custom couch bolster, and a set of throw pillows upholstered in an indigenous textile, complete with fringe for extra flare. 

With a few unique and hand-made pillows, a larger, more basic bunch is transformed into an anthropology-esque mismatched collection (on a reasonable budget).

The basic idea is: We custom design some top quality pillows together with our clients, no shape or size excluded, you may even want to recycle your old pillows. Then, we put in the work making the dream come true. We also have affordable, ready-made pillow inserts, great for cutting your budget down even further.

When you take them home you can then pair them with: additional simple throw pillows, a basic couch, or a bland but unchangeable color scheme. Or you may want to coordinate them with design fixtures in your home, professionally elevating the level of design, but on the lightest of interior design budgets. Lets hook you up with some yummy arm candy... for your home!

Added bonus: whenever you have upholstery items designed with us here at Mignonne, they can be personalized with one-of-a-kind, sentimental fabric from your own collection, and in combination with custom measurements and or shapes, you'll always end up with something you couldn't get anywhere else. We know your accessories have the ability to speak worlds about you, and the unique person you are, so why settle?

Today's photo selection a combination of our custom work like the custom made bolster pillow we produced for a client with special dimensional needs, and a set of custom designed pillows made with fabric hand-picked by Johnelle, and made for the shop, plus some of our Pinterest derived inspiration, you can check the Pins out here, herehere, here, here, and here

As always, you can email us with any questions, project ideas, or just to show appreciation, we'd love to hear from you and hope we may be of help with your next décor undertaking!

xoxo mignonne



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