Sunday, January 18, 2015

IR: The process of rolling out new pieces in the shop involves many fun steps, and may it be a small side table or a full sized overhauled couch in full patchwork leather, always it deserves a name!

Often, the inspiration for title name comes in a fleeting second from a spark of inspiration, like striking a match. Whether Johnelle herself does the deed, or one of us gets to dub a piece, a gut feeling is always where it begins.

And like the strike of the match, a good name can be a fire-starter, beckoning new inspiration. We like to think our furniture radiates personality, that pieces converse, and a room filled with love and design comes to life. Thus, a name can be another part in the process of making those connections.

Our 'TAHOE' ottoman is upholstered in a vintage wool blanket, accented with herringbone buttons, and a green velvet piping, along with the recycled materials that re-iderateing the 'Keep Tahoe Blue' statement, the nature of the cozy wool and color scheme on 'TAHOE' recall us of relaxing cabin stays in the local oasis of its namesake.

Let a name spark your imagination, you may find that you just can't get that flame out of your head.

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xoxo mignonne



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