Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Witney Hudson Bay Camp Couch

Friday, January 6, 2012

I want this piece desperately, luckily for you I can't snag this week's amazing Salvaged Chic Of The Week because I live in a shoebox (you know, not literally) with walls that threaten to burst with many a Mignonne treasure!
This week's piece is this gorgeous reupholstered vintage couch, "Witney", revamped with an amazing vintage, Hudson Bay Blanket circa 1940's, with a plush down stuffed center cushion.

I love this piece so much, and as an admitted obsessor of details it's little things like Witney's herringbone band, petite corduroy piping, grey denim and original patches from the red blanket that's the focal point of this piece.

Johnelle made sure both of the original patches from the blanket (which were packed with character) were sewn onto the couch as a great way to see the life this piece has had before.

Did I mention these AMAZING pillows are included with this piece?! I love that they're on point with a trend right now, but they're also classic vintage navajo/kilim textiles & pillows are the perfect part of a couch to display something more current because you can change them seasonally, bring them to another room, and bring them back again whenever you please! The back of the couch even has a hand sewn patch of the kilim worked into the mix.

This piece is inspired by the original Witney Point blanket and Johnelle's designs were born from that central piece, and the rest followed. As we've said before, fashion and design are intertwined and you can see how this look is shining now in fashion as well.

Just like fashion, Witney would look great as the pop piece in your home nestled next to a newer couch (you could even use Whitney's pillows on your other couch to tie the both together, or have Johnelle make you another set!) or as a stand alone piece. Because of the brilliant way Johnelle designed the fabric pieces for Witney, this couch is a piece that can be pulled away from a wall (if you choose) because it's gorgeous and detail packed from every angle!
Come into the shop to gape at this gorgeous piece in person, you know you want to snuggle up against that soft blanket backing!

Images of Witney taken by Johnelle Mancha. Non Whitney: Image One: September's issue of Elle Magazine, Image Two: InStyle Magazine, Image Three: October's issue of Lou Lou Magazine via The Portland Collection's Fan Page
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