Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Stronghold

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to this week's Salvaged Chic Of The Week! We have a stunning antique revamped chest with original mirror: Stronghold. As the name would suggest, this is a hearty piece made of quality materials that continue to last a lifetime. This chest came in with a drab and somewhat damaged finish screaming to be loved. Inspired by the stormy days here in the bay recently, the shades of silvers, grays, and charcoal leaked out in it's inspiration and new finish.

Stronghold is a favorite of mine, I love the blends of the colors, and how from a distant they can read as a solid, but up close breathe many hues with so much depth! The shape, typical of the early 1900's has such a in the curved mirror, but also feels so grounded and strong.
The detailing of the turned legs again, are ever so subtle but nonetheless gorgeous and striking! I love that the original pulls are in tact too, because sometimes...knowing that this piece is older than many of our grandmother's (ha!), has been passed down through many hands. Often times things like the pulls go missing here and there, and it's a great to see no one got it in there head that the hardware should be changed..

Because of Stronghold's neutral/cool gray tones, it could easily blend in homes on very different ends of the design spectrum. One example I could see, is below in this sparse & modern space with clean lines. Stronghold could be nestled in the mix, giving that antique flair to the more loft vibe.

I could also see Stronghold in a more rustic space, where its cool wintery color would play off of the warmth of natural wood colors.

For someone wanting to balance out a more busy and eclectic space like the ones below, Stronghold would add a calm to such a space, that could easily become chaotic with another bright furniture choice. Being in its neutral/cool tones would allow more colorful pieces to be displayed on top of Stronghold. Think bold vases vignetted, with your favorite flowers, or vintage mix match frames with your favorite photos. The choice is yours, but the piece stands true and strong with new stories and memories continuing to be made...if only the piece could talk I would love to know it's story!

Come into the shop today and fall in love with this perfect piece...and as always if you're inspired by Stronghold and she's been nabbed before you can get in remember that we do custom projects! Are you ready to turn a blah piece into a statement piece? Email us at for more information.

Rebekah is a member of the Mignonne family and former Mignonne assistant. She now freelances and owns the company A & B Creative, read her blog.



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