Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Chocolat

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This week's Salvaged Chic Of The Week is such a sweet piece; it's nutty brown color and feminine shape make it perfect for a multitude of spaces.

I love the curves of "Chocolat" and its warm hue, which makes it the perfect neutral piece with personality!

French Chic ... it would look gorgeous among other similarly styled silhouettes , or as that unexpected pop in a modern setting.

Can't you imagine 'Chocolat' it nestled among these spaces?

I could also see her being perfect in a bathroom as well... not taking up too much room, but to still offer a good amount of storage.

Come see this sweet side table for yourself in the shop. As always, remember if you've got a piece like this at home Johnelle could always revamp it to have a similar look, or any other one you've got in mind! Email us at for more information.

Images of Chocolat were taken by Johnelle Mancha, other images: Image One:Photography by Magnus Anesund; Image Two:; Image Three:; Image Four:; Image Five:; Image Six:;

Rebekah is a member of the Mignonne family and former Mignonne assistant. She now freelances and owns the company A & B Creative, read her blog.



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