Salvaged Chic of the Week: Isabelle

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Such an amazing piece!! Meet: Isabelle.
A fantastic client project we recently completed. I love the hearty shape and weight & how it feels toned down and not as massive because of the fun pop color and slate grey detailing around the drawers and sides. Isabelle (named after her equally stylish owner) is a vintage Federal Style maple chest that turned out gorgeously. This is the one problem we have with custom projects...we fall in love with them and they're not for sale!

This is another fabulous example of how effective our design services can be. Johnelle went over to Isabelle's house for a hour long consultation and helped her client decide what she wanted the look of the room to be... what furniture and decor could stay, what needed to go, and what should be introduced. Immediately Johnelle saw the potential that this chest of drawers had. This dresser had great bones, original and interesting pulls (which isn't always the case), and a sturdy frame and drawers...but the finish was drab and lack luster. She and Isabelle talked about the transformation that the piece would have and how that would help propel the transformation of her space which was screaming for a little color.

Johnelle has a great eye for knowing what a piece could be, which is key when
she does in-home consultations. She can help to see what other furniture, or
art is detracting from the desired feel of the space, what you need that
you don't have, and most importantly--what do you have that could be
used in a different way or revamped to fit with your new
and improved space! Often an outside eye can help
you to better see how something you already
have could be made new again.
Sometimes it's hard to know how to continue to elevate your
space on your own, and that's when a guided buying trip with Johnelle
can be so effective! She can help you to find project pieces that she can revamp
and make to fit perfectly in your space.

We offer several different services that can custom fit to
whatever your needs may be. Our services include: "Design Me:" Johnelle has a knack for finding pieces with tons of potential--come by the store and
pick something that has yet to be redone, and come up with it's new design.
"Build Me:" Brian Hill can build a custom piece
(like the redwood farm table in the first photo below he built for a client)
that fits your space perfectly. "Revamp Me:" You can bring in furniture
you already have and come up with a design for Johnelle
to give it a new look. "Reupholster Me:" Do you have something with
great bones that's looking a little sad and old these days? Bring it in and you
and Johnelle can create a new one-of-a-kind look for your chair or
couch that will fit with your new look more and that will become a unique
conversation piece (like she did with the loveseat below).

Spaces can be beautiful, but we love them even more when there is something like Isabelle in them to give it that POP, we love creating pieces that can be showcased,
like we know this one will be!

Isabelle would also be really fun in a more boho space as well. I think she would
fit in just fine here!

If you want to schedule an in-home consultation yourself or get more info on any of our other design services don't hesitate to write!
Isabelle and Mignonne furniture photos taken by Johnelle Mancha. Other images: One:; Two:; Three:; Four:
Rebekah is a member of the Mignonne family and former Mignonne assistant. She now freelances and owns the company A & B Creative, read her blog.



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