Salvaged Chic of the Week: Custom Reclaimed Counter Keter Salon

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This week's Salvaged Chic Of The Week is cool. Johnelle and Brian have done it again with the latest addition to the commercial design project they've been working on for Keter Salon, on 4th st Berkeley. Nestled on the second floor above Molly B, and next to Bette's Diner, Keter Salon has open & airy feel that Johnelle and Brian have had the pleasure of transforming! Johnelle's inspiration for the redesign of the salon was to create a well curated rustic modern design that you can see in their latest creation:
This amazing revamped counter is sure to wow new, and returning clients when they see it. The new reclaimed doug fir counter is a reimagining of their formerly somewhat dated counter (see pic below, and also note the old carpet which was removed as well in the remodel and revamped with herringbone flooring custom done by Brian Hill). With the remodel, the counter became even more of an eyesore, as it felt out of place and did not fit with the rest of the updated space. Johnelle knows that good redesign means a cohesive redesign. Leaving such details out can make you question the intention of a remodel, if all parts of a space don't tell a story! Yet again, this small detail can be amazing inspiration to show you what an eye for potential Johnelle has. She and Brian saw the old counter and knew they could remake it into something incredible. Here you see the "before:"
How perfectly is the reclaimed Doug fir counter balanced with the mural behind it?! Johnelle did that too...I know, she is JUST that talented! I have to admit that it doesn't end there either...Johnelle and Brian designed and built the mirror behind the counter (reclaimed wood frame built around custom cut mirror) AND designed and installed the custom hand-milled reclaimed wood herringbone floors too...hey guys, want to stop by my place later??
Not only is this a project that could be done in your own home on top of laminate or old tile you're sick of looking at, but knowing that they're available for commercial projects is huge. The interior and furniture design Johnelle does is so impressive, and now it doesn't have to end there. Commercial projects are one of the greatest spaces to revamp because they're so dramatic and customers remember that!
I've loved having been in Keter last year before our renovations began and coming again; it's just incredible how much a new design elevates a business. Showing how you feel and think of yourselves on the inside (but on the outside) will impress your current clients/customers and wow the new ones you're hoping to pull in!
She's good and she know's it! Here's Johnelle in front of the AMAZING vintage lockers she scouted for the Keter dressing room, so perfect. Bringing in new furniture pieces adds character and a story to your space. We offer guided scouting services where we accompany you to find the perfect furniture or decor your space needs, or we can scout for you if you don't have the time or you know exactly what you're looking for.
One of the best parts about our work with Keter, and an important one for you to remember, is that this wasn't all done at once! The custom hand-milled floors, vintage decor, custom upholstered bench seat and pillows, light fixtures, new mirrors and workstations, mural and counter were all done in phases! Often as a business owner it's hard to think about committing to such a big overhaul, but that's what's so great about working with Johnelle--she understands what being a small business owner is like and she will help you to create a cohesive design with a plan that works for you and hits all the major updates in phases so that it isn't overwhelming.
If you have a commercial project, or you've been inspired by some of Johnelle's creations for your home, please feel free to email us at to get more information and to get the ball rolling on your new and improved space in 2012!
All photos taken by Johnelle Mancha.
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