The French Connection ... Neuvième (9th) Note ... Lighting!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hello again, this week's from the Maison et Objet salon is all about lighting. I still have some other topics but I will probably mix them up in the future as I am itching to cover something else!

But for today I am going to share some photos about lighting because I seem to have captured more than a few pictures of lamps and other lighting features.

One that was in abundance was grouping of fixtures to form a display that almost seemed like one big light ... check this one out, it was huge, made from individual hanging lights in the same shape but various sizes hung at different lengths! you could easily play on this idea but in a smaller size, it was definitely striking.

Here's an idea of this years shapes in lighting:

photographing lighting is not easy, but you get an idea of this year's styles .....

This is a room size chandelier .... breathtaking!

also, this chandelier-shaped floor lamp is a stellar idea ...

These combined with all of the lamps in prior posts (color and whimsy) added up to a vast selection for the year's trends ... guess we are being told to lighten up, eh!!

à trés bientôt!

*all images courtesy of Kimberlee Mancha

Our guest correspondent for The French Connection is Kimberlee Mancha, mother of Johnelle and co-founder of Mignonne Décor. Now living in France, Kimberlee started our sister shop "The Bohemians" in 2009. She will be providing live updates for all you Francophiles and lovers of beautiful European inspirations.



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