Tuesday, November 4, 2014

IR: Mixing and matching dinnerware; so it may not be the freshest of trends, you may not even see it as a trend at all, rather a necessity. But here me out. Just take a look at a predominant styling choice of some of our favorite new restaurants. Designers are going cheap and recycling both, by mismatching glassware, dishes, silverware and the lot.

In Johnelle's travels, something she can never resist picking up is dishes and other kitchenware that strike her fancy. We do our own mixing and matching, when styling the shop and doing interior design projects, but don't let us do all the fun parts for you. Come down to the shop to get started on your own curation yourself.

When thoughtfully cultivated, a mismatched collection can uplift your kitchen and place settings. Read on for a few of our favorite benefits of collecting for a mismatched array of dinnerware.

Don't cry over spilt milk, or the shattered glass, either. You needn't fret when you break a piece, it won't ruin your set.

Its all in the numbers. You may find incomplete sets at far reduced prices, combine them! Whether you choose to keep within a theme or go all over the map with style, you no longer have to worry about numbers of plates or numbers on price tags.

Tell your story. We just love a thought out scheme of pieces, eclectically regaling different tales. A homey and nostalgic dinnerware and glassware collection invites you into a contemporary setting, making modern, intimate and cozy. Glassware for instance can enhance your drinking experience, but that doesn't have to mean you must use the predisposed vessels, give classic a twist. In photos two and three, stolen from their Instagram pages, you can see the glassware at Rockridge's Ramen Shop and Grand Avenue's Penrose, both restaurants' decor, exquisitely embodys the intentionally eclectic style we enjoy so much. Go grab a bite and a drink, and you'll get free order of inspiration on the side!

Think outside of the box. Often, we like sets or individual pieces that may not perfectly match our preexisting dinnerware, this doesn't have to mean you they're off the table, pun intended. With an overall mismatched look, the aesthetic may grow and change organically, while you develop that sought after, down-home aesthetic.

As always, please don't hesitate to email us with any inquiries, may it be about dish-ware, upholstery, interior design or whatnot, we love to hear from our customers! 

xoxo mignonne



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