Tuesday, November 25, 2014

IR: Our recent post about the naming process got me on a long trail of thought. How things can often remind one of anything from a movie, to a memory and so forth. It's worth exploring concept of evocation in a broader sense than naming alone, it occurred to me. Making connections can be a great jumping-off point for a brainstorm on design projects small to large, not to mention a big help when styling, after you bring home that statement piece you've been coveting! 

To evoke is to call on, may it elicit a reminiscence, or create memory anew. These occurrences are what create soul in an object or a piece, and often, what makes us fall in love with furniture.

A recollection of a past era, a nod to a place one's traveled (or dreamed of traveling), or a design that pleases the senses, these are some evocations that can all help us make valuable choices when coordinating.

Though perception may differ from one person to another, the power of evocation is nonetheless undeniable, and we think, that this is when personal style becomes truly alive. 

One of designer Johnelle Mancha's newest creations is her lovely kilim ottomans in small and large (available on our website), evoking in many, images of a bohemian atmosphere, with influences of eastern art and tapestries draped on the wall. The inspiration photos below can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here!

Something clever about an evoked emotion, memory or idea is that it can be physical, or emotional, may it be in a piece found, custom designed, or a combination thereof. The connections we make could be personal or general, shared with like minds or held by us alone, but whatever they are, they are a large part of what we see when looking at a design. At Mignonne, we cherish pieces and the feelings they evoke in us, believing when you're open to the idea, it can lead to further inspiration. 

Don't hesitate to shoot us an email with any questions. We offer design services large to small, in addition to finished furniture, and decor items! We're reachable at 

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