Sunday, November 16, 2014

IR: We're always proud of our budget projects, for a number of reasons. Being able to do a lot with less is an accomplishment on its own, but being able to all sorts of help people love their homes without hurting their pocketbooks is retribution of the best kind. For the Wells interior design project, Johnelle used her design expertise in revamping this living room, and the best part is, the clients had a big hand in making it happen. Upon Johnelle's advice, they took it upon themselves to do painting, installations, and buying, while Mignonne handled the design vision, including some of the expert tasks we do best, like scouting, furniture revamping, and staging. By working with the client along the way, they were able to do a DIY home makeover, with a professional lead.

With designer Johnelle Mancha's advice and expertise, the clients were able to do a lot of the work on their interior themselves. The Wells' had a color consult with Johnelle, for paint work they were able to execute, as well as direction in window treatments, and styling accents, which they were able to purchase and install. While they were putting in the time at home, the shop was busy revamping clients own coffee table, scouting for hard to find decor features, like the stunning kilim rug. With direction and assistance by Mignonne, the clients were able to accomplish a professional level finished product, with more self satisfaction, not to mention a lesser budget.

If you're interested in our help getting the ball rolling on your next interior project including our services from custom upholstery to large scale installations and nearly everything in between, shoot us an email! 

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