Sunday, October 26, 2014

IR: Green, the color of freshness, of nubile elegance, free of gender, and synonymous with nature. Adding a little green is never a bad decision, whether it's in a room with few colors or many, the color adds an organic shine. As a hue, we never tire of green, from lime, to kelly, to forest, and so it's always a pleasure rolling out a green piece (pun most certainly intended)! The natural hue brings life into a room that no other colors can rival.

Art Deco desk 'SAFARI' (available here) has both class and wit in an emerald green a flapper gal would envy. There's a plethora of inspiration for the use of green furniture, and don't even get me started on the infinite styling options. I could drone on and on about how you can pair green with black and white, natural wood, a rainbow of colors, metallics or leathers... but rather than that, we thought we'd just getting the ball rolling with some inspiration! Photos sourced from The Kept Life, attic., Plateful of Love, and Plascon Trends.

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