Introducing ... the Je Suis Mignonne "Sidebar"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

First time blog visitors may not be aware of all of the information Je Suis Mignonne presents in our "sidebar". A blog sidebar (the space adjacent to the main posting area, located either to the left or right) gives the blog author the opportunity to present information which is relevant to the overall theme of the blog ... and which doesn't update or change as frequently as the main posting area.

On the Je Suis Mignonne blog, we present a variety of pertinent information:

1. The definition (and pronunciation) of our blog title, which is in French.

2. A slideshow presenting updates on press our boutique has received, or media we have been featured in.

3. A listing of the store's featured artists (these rotate every month or so).

4. Mignonne boutique opening hours (these may change with the seasons).

5. A search tool for our blog ... if you remember reading about a certain topic, or are searching for a product or theme, input the keyword here and chances are you will locate information on our blog.

6. Contact information for purchasing 'online' for Mignonne ... until our online features are activated.

7. A summary of Mignonne's design services.

8. A description of our store and blog.

9. A tool you can use to subscribe to our blog, which will update you when 'new' news is posted.

10. Interested in a left coast beach getaway? learn more about Kim's Seaside cabin and how to rent it.

11. Highlights of Mignonne's soap, candle and men's product lines.

12. Site links for décor blogs we love and artists we have have featured.

13. Updates on who has recently visited our blog.

14. Our blog archive, check out the many topics you can read about on Je Suis Mignonne.

So you can see, our sidebar is worth a second look! Feel free to check it out further ...



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