April in Paris...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it is that time of year ... the time of year when, until 2008, I would get itchy feet and dreamy-eyed for a trip to Paris, my favorite city.

you've heard all of the reasons to visit Paris in April ... the gardens awash with daffodils and fruit tree blossoms ... the beautiful Parisiennes flaunting their spring finery ... those glorious sun-filled afternoons where the entire city seems to have snuck out to play hooky.

Temperatures average in the 50s and one of the best ways to appreciate the abundance is to select one of the ubiquitous cafés and stake your claim on some prime, people watching real estate. Treat yourself to a café au lait and pain au chocolat while you enjoy the parade ... or, if it is the right hour, a glass of red to sip.

April is the month for packing layers.  You can awaken to a gloriously brisk morning, sun yourself over lunch at a sidewalk café and reach for your umbrella that afternoon as you dash to the metro.

It won't be too late to check out the Banlieue Jazz Festival or the Foire au Trone (funfair), similar to a county fair with rides and such...

Whatever you choose, daydreaming or actual visit, I'll be there along with you as you indulge in another April in Paris ...



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