Reuse ideas for glass candle holders.

Friday, February 27, 2009

One of our customers' favorite items at Mignonne are candles. We carry a wide and ever-changing selection of candles from top quality candlemakers like Votivo, Voluspa, Claus Porto and Caldrea, to name a few.

But what to do when one of Mignonne's long-lasting, long burning candles finally reaches it end? Well first, of course, is the challenge of removing the wax.

Actually, not a big challenge at all. Place the glass container in your freezer overnight after your final 'burning', the wax will contract in the cold and should pop out easily. You may need to use a butter knife to 'encourage' the wax to pop.

Wash the glass in hot, soapy water and voila! you have a glass container ready for transformation ...

- reuse to display a candle pillar
- group different sizes with spring flowers and colored stones or marbles to make a unique centerpiece
- great for storage, desk organization
- many are a perfect size for drinking glasses
- display your 'smalls' collection beautifully (shells, matchbooks, old buttons, etc.)
- spice container (cover top with heavy brown paper and fasten with rubber band ... a handwritten label would be nice)
- display holder for bathroom items (swabs, cotton balls, etc.)
- for the crafty, use your candle jar to fashion a hanging birdfeeder (yes, we've seen some!)
- a small terrarium or planter ... add some glass stones or beads, some bamboo stalks and voila!

The list is as endless as your imagination ... what ideas can you share?


Ashley said...

Wonderful idea for reusing glass candleholder... I will try them!!


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