Furniture ~ Empire Style

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

American Empire-styled furniture dates back to early 1800-1840s.  It is a take-off from the French Empire style of furniture, popular during Napoleon's reign and reflects the majesty of that time. American Empire style is much plainer than the French version.

Characteristics of Empire styling include some elements of the following:  distinctly masculine in feel, wooden chairs with upholstered seats, darker finishes and use of veneers, graceful curves, legs in animal shapes, ormolu or figural mounts sometimes depicting Greek, Roman or Egyptian themes, use of patriotic or military motifs including the letter "N" (for Napoleon!)

We currently have a nice example of American Empire-styled furniture at Mignonne with this simple yet masculine armchair with great Empire lines.  Upholstered with tufts,  lovely curving arms and embellished with a carved wood relief depicting a fiercely royal visage, this chair would make an interesting accent in your home.



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