Monday, August 25, 2014

IR: ...any color. Want to have some things painted but you don't really know where to start?

There are many methods to picking a color, but the method in discussion today is picking colors by scheme. And we are here to help you create a palette.

The images on top were some of the inspiration photos sent to us by a client of ours. With this starting off point, Johnelle created a concept and color palette just for her, in a range of rich, New Orleans blues. The upholstered chair and bedside table are just two examples of the collection we re-vamped, inspired by the monochrome and French Provincial, New Orleans style seen in the photos up top.

Want to get started yourself at home/ arrive prepared?  Try using a color tool to pull colors from images that you love. There's an app for that! It's for the color challenged and it's called Adobe K├╝ler. What it does is help pinpoint a few exact colors in an image, arranging them neatly in a palette for you, on the go. Narrowing your color scheme can open your eyes to color ideas you hadn't thought of, and help you get the ball rolling with project and renovation ideas. During this stage of the process, you've got nothing to lose, so play around!

Why is finding a color palette helpful? With a color palette you can create a coordinated collection of furniture. You can draw inspiration from whatever it is you like, and we can help create a palette and custom mix colors from your favorite color schemes!

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