Tuesday, August 12, 2014

IR: At Mignonne we've always looked at fashion and décor as hand in hand. Ex Disney artist Justin Jorgenson articulated this sentiment perfectly in a recent presentation he gave on his dandy dress up event, Dapper Day. He described how dress and decorum can elevate one another, and about age old the tradition of dressing with to respect your surroundings.

When pondering this concept in respects to one’s decorum, it reminds one of how looking great can make one feel great as well, and we say the background setting makes all the difference. As our favorite Men’s Warehouse spokesperson likes to say about a great outfit “You’ll love the way you look, I guarantee it.” To those of us at Mignonne, 'the way you look' doesn't just pertain to the clothes on your back. The enjoyable challenge, as we see it, is in creating an environment that perpetuates good feelings and your own unique flare. Combing function with style is what great interior design is all about.

We love working with clients with interests and taste, helping them to accentuate their style, and get even more enjoyment out of seeing the pieces they love, living up to their full potential. Yes we have our look, and that's one of the things people return to us for, but we're not the center of our own universe. Helping someone make their ideal living space is about collaborating, our interior design process focuses on needs of the client, in conjunction with elevating an overall look. We don't want to create a museum space you can't communicate with, we want to create beautiful living spaces, to flourish in.

All of the pictures above are residential storage and decor solutions by designer Johnelle Mancha and the Mignonne team based on the needs, the intended use of the space, and the style of the clients, including a hidden TV set, floating and built in shelves, and styling of new and existing pieces in combination. These kind of solutions alleviate the need for ugly shelving units and other unsightly storage areas. Just like your pants aren't only there to cover up your bum, your decor solutions should provide use as well as a place to express your style!

Dress up your home for fashion and for function, and just see how good it makes you feel.

We're always available to start a conversation about interior design solutions with you, to help you get the most out of the things you love. If you'd like to reach us, shoot us an email at

xoxo mignonne


nancy john said...

Truly said, interior designing has now a days lot of scope not only in designing for house or office but the requirement of interior designer is required in each and every sector of industry.

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Mignonne said...

Thanks Nancy! We love to see an appreciation for thoughtful design in all facets of life, too. xoxo mignonne


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