Friday, July 25, 2014

IR: Not a new trend by any means, textiles featuring botanical (leaves, fruits, palm fronds etc.) and floral designs have seen many incarnations. Lets just call them florals for the sake of simplicity.
The beauty of nature is a subject well depicted in textiles throughout history. In the feminine and masculine camps alike. In the world of design today, we can see, the flowers are indeed blooming, so to speak.

Located above the Mignonne showroom is our upholstery and design workshop, the Fabric Room. There we house and curate a large assemblage of unique textiles, utilizing this collection in our interior design and custom upholstery endeavors. Our Fabric Room inventory includes a selection of vintage, modern, contemporary and indigenous textiles, including, but not limited to, some of our very favorite florals.

A few floral styles we love are: psychedelic or mod, flora and fauna, color block prints and traditional indigenous textiles like the quilted bedspread pictured above, thanks to REIF HAUS for the awesome example, and any vintage darling that catches the eye, like the vibrant upholstery on the funky modern chair in picture three, found on Flickr . All of which can be found living among our vintage and contemporary collections.

A pop of summer, like in the bar nook in the first picture, from the blog Sparkles and Pretending can keep in warm feelings all year long. And don't forget how well they pair, there's a floral to accompany just about any pattern or decor you like. In the second picture above, from HOUSE & GARDEN, they've even paired multiple different florals together, giving the room a fresh, spring garden feel.

Interior Design consults with lead designer Johnelle Mancha are available by the hour. Upholstery projects include a one hour design consultation with one of our lead designers and an opportunity to select from our curated collection of textiles, be it a lovely floral or something else you may be inspired by this summer! For questions and quotes, shoot us an email at quotes@mignonnedecor.com

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