Saturday, September 6, 2014

IR: A body in motion stays in motion, and a body in rest stays in rest unless acted on by external force, or so Newton says. Change leads to inspiration, productivity, and a healthy lifestyle. We know the concept well.

Any interior designer will tell you how cathartic it can be to put new life into your surroundings, may it be at home or at work. It's the kick in the butt to get you moving, changing and growing.

Stagnation can be dangerously contagious, like mold in the fruit bowl. We like to live by this idea, by keeping things moving, literally and figuratively, the Mignonne team is a body in motion.

Decorating your space shouldn’t just be a reward for your success. The creation of a healthy living and working environment can be a tool for productivity. Think of your environment as an extension of your state of mind. They say that a clean, organized and lovely home leads to a clear mind, they don't mention the act of doing it is what really pushes you forward. The changes take place when you disrupt the norm, and stop stagnating.

Images courtesy of imgfave and ULTRALINX.

Need some help? Shoot us an email at, we don't need much to work with, and we can help you liven up your space with little (or big) re-arrange.

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