Witney Point Couch

Friday, September 27, 2013

Check out this rad new couch... 

Can we talk about this amazing couch, which is currently in our showroom and up for grabs! Lead designer Johnelle created the look for this piece, using a vintage Witney Point Blanket as the accent textile to liven up the large couch. She paired it with colors and fabrics that represented the blanket and would be durable, as she intended for the couch to be used and sat on regularly.  This is something to always consider when reupholstering a special piece.  If the arms were white linen, sure it would have been smashing as well, but not as practical for comfy lounging...

Do you have a textile, piece of clothing or blanket that you love and would like to utilize on a chair or couch? What are the main colors in the textile? These would be questions to start asking your self to get your creative juices flowing... 

Witney Point blankets contained 'points' the points 
are the four black lines, which indicated its 
size, and the more points there are the more valuable 
it would be. The points ranged from 1-6. (1) (2)

The Witney Point Blankets were made in England for the Early's Company, and were sold through the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) from 1779 to 1920. But after 1920 their competition and rivalry became too serious, so they began just selling on their own, until they closed down late in the 20th century. *

This shows the Flecked linen up close, a perfect 
material that is durable, comfortable and stylish, 
that perfectly allows for the velvet marigold and 
sea green velvet piping to Pop and accent the blanket

If you ever want to start a dialogue & receive a quote for a couch or a chair of your own, 
you can email us a photo at quotes@mignonnedecor.com ... 
We would be happy to help you in the creative 
process of revamping your piece!!!

xoxo mignonne



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