Salvaged Chic Of The Week-The Tiger's Eye

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome back to the latest Salvaged Chic Of The Week! We hope you've all recovered from your stuffing and pie food-comas. To help ease the bitter return to work after a long weekend, we'll infuse the end of your week with some glamour, Mignonne style! This week's Chic piece is a gorgeous 1940s waterfall vanity. Johnelle's masterful design of this piece keeps it's integrity, while adding a modern touch with the fun pop of color.

Isn't she stunning? Now tell the truth, do you look at a gorgeous piece like this and find yourself falling into a fantasy spiral envisioning scenes of yourself looking like this??

One of our all time favorite looks on top of vanities is the little vignette of your favorite lipsticks and jewels, so chic!

A vanity like this is perfect for a shared space too. It's feminine in its detailing and soft colors (enough so that you can still have your Harlow moments!), but also masculine with the rustic wood and hearty shape. We love the idea of a his and hers side to a vanity, think the above on the left and this men's selection on the right.

This is a classic art deco era piece, as with any piece that Johnelle designs she takes into account the condition of the piece before she paints it. The wood that was preserved the best were the inlay details. The pulls were also in impeccable condition and Johnelle created a look that pulls out the beautiful tiger's eye wood detailing and the color of the hardware.

If you want a mirror above the vanity you could pair it with a fun French inspired baroque mirror, or go for more of a juxtaposition by pairing this vintage vanity with a modern mirror.

Whatever way you style it, this piece is gorgeous and waiting for someone to appreciate its glam sensibilities and the warmth it will bring to any space. Stop in the shop and let the fantasies begin!

All Tiger's Eye photos taken by Johnelle Mancha. Other images: Images One, Two and; Image Four:; Image; Image Six:; Image Seven:; Image Eight:

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