Salvaged Chic Of The Week: Mid-Century Madness!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

For this week's Salvaged Chic Of The Week we've got a fabulous pair of chairs we recently reupholstered for a client. These stunning mid-century chairs were clearly lookers, but you couldn't see their true potential until they were recovered.

Our client picked this Italian wool fabric, which is a great design that represents the mid-century style in a modern way. The fabric will wear well, and won't show stains easily either because of it's pattern and thickness. Great choice!

A pair of mid-century chairs like these will be the perfect focal point in any space, regardless of your style.
The key is to have a mix of furniture styles so that your room doesn't look like a time capsule, that's why the design of these chairs is so perfect, she's made them her own!

When our client brought the chairs in to reupholster, she wanted to breathe fresh life into them, while still keeping the integrity of their mid-century design. One modification that Johnelle and she decided on, was to add a center button design to the backs of the chairs. This is something that we can always do! Adding piping, buttons or tufting are all ways to make a worn out chair look new and sophisticated once again.

For extra detailing we added a herringbone fabric for the piping. Another alteration we made was to add curved zippers on the cushions so that they could be removed and dry cleaned when needed. As with all of our upholstery projects we always Scotch Guard them to prolong their new life and to keep them looking their best!

Chairs like these will also cost a little less to recover than a whole chair. A tip to keep in mind when debating whether to get a piece reupholstered or not is to know that you can save money when your project doesn't need to have the foam or stuffing replaced. If you're just getting covers made you'll save even more! Reupholstering a piece can sometimes seem daunting, but the transformations are so extreme and can really transform an entire space with your newly revamped pieces.

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