Salvaged Chic Of The Week: "Midnight Rain"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to our latest installation of Salvaged Chic Of The Week! We're so excited to introduce you to this gorgeous piece, I almost feel like just writing filler to draw out the's a good one! Okay, I'll make you suffer no longer, meet "Midnight Rain."
Isn't she a beaut? While we don't like to toot our own horns too much, this piece is just a stunner.

Johnelle Mancha designed this gorgeous down stuffed chair to be the perfect balance between comfort and style. While this particular piece is sold, it's an amazing piece for inspiration to create your own design or to have Johnelle create another one of a kind piece for you! This chair shows that you can actually have a chair that you can slump down in with your morning coffee one day and then present it as a conversation piece the next.

The inspiration for this piece came from our love of vibrant colors and eclectic designs.

The details of this piece are one of its greatest features. "Midnight Rain" is, of course, a vintage chair and we love its stylish curves and plush stuffing. The vibrant blue and yellow fabric is a fountain pattern (think more modern and stylish brocade) in royal velvet. The subtle checked back and band fabric is a raw silk, which is incredibly luxurious, but less fragile than a typical silk.

You know how people say, "You can't help who you fall in love with?" That's how I feel about the unique pieces that Johnelle creates. To me, one of the best parts about Mignonne is that you can create anything you want. You have your own personal designer (Johnelle) who can either assist with a design that you've been thinking up, or she can design a unique piece like "Midnight Rain" for you with her stash of vintage fabrics and her keen eye for incorporating new ones. For any pieces you're looking to have redone you can either bring in your own, or choose from one of our "yet to be designed" pieces. For more information email us at:

All "Midnight Rain" photos taken by Johnelle Mancha. Other images, Image One:; Image Two:; Image Three: poppy

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