Salvaged Chic Of The Week: "Kensington"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Mignonettes! (I know that's technically a sauce or a genus of the herb family, but can that also be your new nicknames? I'll let you decide.) Welcome to our new weekly column: "Salvaged Chic Of The Week" where we showcase a new piece we've designed and tell you a little bit about its journey, influences and why we are in love!

"Salvaged Chic Of The Week" will highlight either a custom furniture redesign, or an upholstery project we've recently reinvented. Here you'll be able to learn about what makes a particular piece so special! We'll tell you a bit about their roots and how they've been reincarnated into modern conversation pieces. Through introducing you to these creations, you get to see how these salvaged pieces have gone from forgotten throw-aways, to chic works of art!

First up is "Kensington"

"Kensington" was a fusion design by Brian Hill and Johnelle Mancha. Brian created the top of this gorgeous table from rich, honey colored, hundred-year-old Doug Fir.

Being influenced by a love for parquet (see examples of some of our favorite antique parquet floors below), Brian reclaimed the Doug Fir from the floors of a home that was being demolished in Kensington. From it was born the design, and its name.

If you aren't aware, parquet flooring is one of the oldest styles of wood flooring. It was introduced to replace the marble flooring in Versailles that would constantly have to be cleaned. It was widely popular for centuries and virtually the only style before the 19th century, when the steel nail was invented and tongue & groove flooring was introduced.

If you don't happen to blessed with gorgeous hundred (or centuries) old parquet floors like these, "Kensington" can be the perfect way to bring the classic design into your home.

Because of the time and difficulty it took to lay parquet flooring, it was only seen in the most affluent homes. Thankfully Mignonne prides itself in offering budget-savvy pieces (like "Kensington") that are available in a wide range of price points!

You can see the same hard work and handmade brilliance that parquet floors have in this table that Brian and Johnelle created. Having a table like "Kensington" is a modern way to reference a style that is so rich with history. It's also a great way to highlight existing wood floors that you have. Married to a rustic curved metal base, "Kensington" fuses the masculinity of the patterned wood to the femininity of the vintage curved metal.

Please feel free to stop into the shop and see "Kensington" in all her beauty. If you love the look of this table but are needing a different size or have another project dreamed up, remember that we do offer the option of custom building a piece, with your specifications, for you. Email us for more information at:

See you next week with our latest Salvaged Chic Of The Week!

All "Kensington" photos taken by Johnelle Mancha. Parquet Floors Image One:; Parquet Floors Image Two:

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