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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here at Mignonne, we wanted to offer a quality toy that came with peace of mind for parents and gift givers alike. A toy that could be presented with confidence and security. And that is why we chose Vilac, a trusted brand.

Deep in the heart of the Jura surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, between Champagnole and Saint-Claude, Vilac has been manufacturing wooden toys in Moirans-en-montagne for more than 80 years.

Vilac toys are unique, never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations.

Wood is a magical material: an alder branch can be made into a skipping rope; a piece of beech wood can be turned into a dog, a cat or a rabbit. Carved wood acquires life, as Roland Barthes summed up so well: ‘It’s a familiar yet poetic material that establishes in children a sense of continuity between a tree, a table or a floor. Wood is not damaging or unsettling. It doesn’t smash, it wears away. It is durable and remains so as a child grows.’

Toy-making secrets: the wood is turned, smoothed, sanded and lacquered by our skilled craftsmen at Moirans-en-montagne. The toy designers are veritable artists who give personality and character to our toys.

Vilac means "Jura" just as it means "wood". Vilac toys are ageless. Well, at least since 1911.



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