Claus Porto Luxury Soap and Candle Collection

Monday, August 11, 2008

At Mignonne, we revere treats that can stand the test of time. We were attracted to the Claus Porto line because of the traditions they have sustained through the years.

Like their revival of their original Art Deco designs utilized not just on their packaging but in the etched glass housing their unique candles. Or their oversized cakes of soaps in tantalizing fragrances. Or the rich textures of their body products.

The oldest and most prestigious soap making factory in Porto, Portugal, Claus Porto was founded in 1887 by two world renowned chemists: Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schwedder. Together they created the base for what was to become one of the most important soap making factories ever. Famous fragrance and fashion houses in France, England and Spain came to Porto to have all of their soaps made by Claus Porto. The factory today is still family owned and run by the great grandson of Achilles de Brito. At this 117 year old company, the family continues with the great soap making traditions that were a matter of honor for the original founders.

Many companies use modern automated methods, and lower quality ingredients for one simple reason: to make more product in a less expensive fashion. At Claus Porto, it is just the opposite. The time - honored tradition of milling seven times (milling refers to the process of ""mixing"" the soap; the more times that the soap elements are passed through the mill, the more air bubbles are forced out of the mix and the more the fragrance is evenly distributed) has remained to this day the secret of the success of their soap line. Milling seven times createss a dense, hard soap that is fragrant down to the very last bit, without splits or cracks and with a rich creamy lather.

All of the soaps are naturally air - dried (as opposed to hot air machines which dry other soaps on the outside, leaving them soft and gooey on the inside and eventually causing them to crack and melt down after being used) on racks for two to three weeks, ensuring an even, consistent bar. These luxurious and creamy bars are made with coconut oil and enriched with 2% shea butter to moisturize, protect, and replenish the skin's natural protein complexes. The highest quality fragrances from the south of France are used to create the exotic, lingering scents that have made these soaps so famous.

Claus Porto Liquid Soap is a 100% vegetable based formula which contains wheat proteins and aloe vera. Claus Porto candles contain clean-burning soy wax in a 10.5-ounce glass holder with an etched motif that matches the art deco styling of the packaging. Candles have an approximate burn time of 70 hours.

We vary the Claus Porto offering seasonally, so stop by soon to see which items we have in store for you. Of course, if there's something special we can order ... let us know. And as always, we carefully wrap and ship items around the world.



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