Saturday, April 5, 2014

IR: Wooden inlay work and other unique and precious details are something that at Mignonne, we scout for diligently, keeping an eye out for pieces that reflect skilled craftsmanship and sturdy construction, therefore reflecting quality, and value. We apply this to our workmanship as well.  When redesigning a piece, we keep in mind what qualities it possesses that make it something worth re-vamping, and focus on playing those wonderful qualities up. It's important to know what aspects are better left alone, and what can be done to highlight those special details.

As most of us know, these little details can make us fall in love, with furniture that is, but the rough edges or dated style can hold us back from actualizing their potential. Some furniture looks dated by nature, but don't let that stop you from re-imagining it. Re-imagining is something we've been doing here at Mignonne Decor for years. There's no need to be hindered by your love of classic pieces, it's possible to modernize practically anything! Using your eye, you can find pieces you love, you may even have a few already. With the help of our skilled team they can be everything you imagined and more!

'VIENNA' coffee table and side tables.

We revamped this 1940's wooden inlay coffee table and side tables set, and only modifications we made to the inlay work was to sand off the areas that were too far gone to be saved, then we varnished up the rest.

The next step was to find a color that was modern and classic altogether. Marie (assistant furniture re-vamper here at Mignonne), after much deliberation, made the decision to mix a creamy pastel with a touch of green, resulting in a color similar to home made key lime pie. The color is so light that it's not accosting, but weird enough to have a funky edge! The color both complements the beauty of the woodwork while making the set look vibrant and incredibly unique.

Something that we must consider often here at Mignonne, is when to make a full transformation, and when to make subtle changes, as to not effect the integrity of what we're working with. Especially when it comes to furniture detailed with things like woodwork, inlays, veneers, and more.

If you're not sure of what you want to preserve about a piece, or if you should preserve it at all, we can help you. With a distinguished eye for quality furniture and details, Johnelle(about) has been scouting furniture for Mignonne years, and has an educated taste to help you modernize, without jeopardizing your classic furniture.

Have a piece of furniture in mind? The possibilities are vast, and here at Mignonne, we can help you achieve them. Start a conversation by emailing us at quotes@mignonnedecor.com, we'd love to hear from you!

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