The French Connection ... Douzième Note: Le Creative Sweatshop

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bonjour mes amis!

I was drawn to today's subject simply by the fact that the title made me smile. Yes there is in fact a French enterprise called Le Creative Sweatshop! those who know me know my penchant to call everything Le something ... it is my (probably lame) attempt at humor and to frenchify imagine my grin when the french turned tables on me and used the same approach.

I have now decided to christen my own ateliér le creative sweatshop deux ... or maybe redux. it makes me smile, but maybe the real owners of the brand won't like that so much. le sigh.

so let me say a word ... well, okay TWO words about le real Le Creative Sweatshop and you will understand even more clearly why I am smiling.

Jello Lamps.

ok. who doesn't love jello? (and if it is you, WHAAAT? are ya crazy?). first of all, don't forget it goes with everything! and second of all, it comes in pretty colors and tastes good! and thirdly, jello is F-U-N, fun. it is bouncy and jiggly and you can see through it! it conforms to the shape you put it in. and let us not forget Jello Shots!

but now, french design teams at le creative workshop have combined jello and lighting! presto whammo/ JELLO LAMPS! woot!

but ... but ... how'd they do that? well of course they didn't have some poor intern rip open thousands of Bill Cosby's favorite dessert option, in fact I don't believe I have seen THOSE color options in Jell-O before ... the designers at Le Creative Sweatshop combined pork gelatin and inks poured into special molds combined with the lamps to achieve these effects ... all the same we know it MUST be jelly cos jam don't look that good!

other interesting finds from ye olde sweatshop include these Righteous Origami Shoes, as well as other fun, flashy and totally unique stuff you can view on their site...

Le Creative Sweatshop includes in their mantra the following statements "...Le Creative Sweatshop is committed to originality and quality, hand-crafted work constitutes the identity of Le Creative Sweatshop. Most pieces are handmade which gives them a humble, precious and fragile stature..." this vision marries nicely with the work we strive to produce at Mignonne Décor and The Bohemians ... I continue to be amazed and inspired by many things I see and discover in my journeys here in la belle france ... did I say amazed? well I also meant amused! you can design seriously and be serious about design and it can still be fun, I promise you!

well then, I am visiting Paris this week-end, I am certain I will find something designy and funny and inspiring all at the same time. see you next time!

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Our guest correspondent for The French Connection is Kimberlee Mancha, mother of Johnelle and co-founder of Mignonne Décor. Now living in France, Kimberlee started our sister shop "The Bohemians" in 2009. She will be providing live updates for all you Francophiles and lovers of beautiful European inspirations.



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