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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

check out The Astoria, this beautifully Unique Trunk! We think it would work nicely at the end of a bed, or as a coffee table!

This cool trunk is new in store, and has just been custom designed for your home! Very sturdy with colors of antique cream, blue & black. In addition to being an interesting accent piece, it instantly creates extra storage ... blankets & quilts ... kids toys ... sports stuff ... lots of alternatives. Its light, sophisticated, and creamy colors offset the size and lighten it up as a décor feature.

Don't forget, we specialize in furniture revamping. You can always bring in a piece of your own as well and we can charge just for the service!

All of our pieces are one-of-a kind, signed and dated.

This item is affordably priced at $250.

Give us a call with questions, or if you're in the neighborhood ... just stop by!


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