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Sunday, July 5, 2009

We thought you'd like to see an example of our custom furniture redesign process.

Here's your run-of-the-mill chest of drawers. Tired finish, old drawer pulls, nothing too exciting going on here. (Maybe you have one of these in your garage or ... ?)

After a sanding to eliminate all traces of that faded brown stain ... we selected a combination of vibrant colors to spice up this piece. A sizzlingly pimento and hot-cha-cha teal green. This palette inspired the name (a new habit we've acquired...naming our custom furniture pieces) "Frida's House". Frida just sold for $135, but don't worry. We can make you a dream chest of your own ... just give us a buzz!

We think you'll agree the final outcome is "Muy Caliente!"

Hotfoot it on down to Mignonne D├ęcor in Berkeley (2447 San Pablo Avenue) to see what else is cooking!


Unknown said...

Do you take our drawer, and work over it? Or are all the work done on your drawers? Also, can you create any design that we request?



Unknown said...

we can create most any design you request, and we do all the pieces by hand!

Unknown said...

Cool blog! Designs and shades are really nice.

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jack said...

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darrell moddy said...
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darrell moddy said...
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