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Friday, November 14, 2008

"delauers" - Valerie J. Cochran, photographer

We recently introduced our other featured artist at Mignonne, Valerie J. Cochran.

Valerie's photography has been featured in print publications as well as many online sites including the BBC, Photoblogs Magazine and SFist. She has also self-published a photography book.

Valerie's work received rave reviews during our recent Oakland Art Murmur art reception.

At Mignonne, not only do we seek out compelling local artists to provide a venue for their work...but we are committed to helping our customers bring beauty and art into their homes by finding affordable options to meet a wider variety of budgets.

Valerie's work can be purchased at Mignonne at $50 per print. Her work explores the relationships between people and places in an urban landscape, and utilizes only film photography.

Treat yourself and your home environment to the added dimension original artwork can provide.

If you'd like another chance to see her work in person, mark your calendars for December 11th when we will be hosting a Closing Reception for Valerie's art. More information on the event will be shared as the date draws near.



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