Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IR: When your furniture purchases can pay off over a lifetime or more, it's the ultimate. Such is the case with our Kroehler chairs. Their streamlined, modern frames make them versatile, and able to coordinate within a variety of looks. Brand recognition and integrity make certain they appreciate with time. Investing in furniture like this means you can have your piece longer than the life of the upholstery, when you finally do tire it out you'll have quality bones worth the cost of revitalization. Although purchases of this nature can come with a higher price tag than an ikea dining set (though not necessarily), they pay for themselves in longevity and integrity.

The Kroehler dining chairs we have in the shop have been expertly upholstered by us, in a demure black canvas to highlight the festive, teal Bolivian textile on the chair backs. We find it essential to not simply mimic a style, like the ever popular, mid-century modern, but to put a re-envision on it, with the Mignonne touch.

The Kroehler name...
Kroehler is an American furniture company that's still in business today, and in it's heyday was one of the larger producers of modern furniture stateside. The company had a big part in branding the sleek modern look of the mid century eras, a look that has vastly outlasted its time in popularity and relevance.

Mix it up...
Incorporating vintage furniture, from extreme kitsch to timeless classic, is a big part of a achieving a contemporary look. We enjoy giving furniture a new life, and thinking outside of the box, while not simply mimicking the decor of the past. Unconventional upholstery can tell a story, in a functional medium. A piece can be more than its associations.

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