Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So as some of you may know, we've done some pretty funky designs in the past, like our chairs and couches upholstered in blankets and rugs, as well as our patchwork style of upholstery which allows for the use of small amounts of fabric and salvaged materials. But when Mignonne Decor lead designer and owner, Johnelle Mancha decided to make a piece that really said something about the shop, she knew just what to do: design a chair upholstered in her old, paint spattered, work pants!

IR: Our 'PAINTER'S PANTS' shop chair is a statement unto its own, and we love how it not only shows what we can do, but also embodies the personality of the shop. This chair displays how we can make use of small our patchwork upholstering, as well making use of remnant materials. Made with scraps of paint spattered jeans (casualties of the job), Johnelle put together a design that not only gave her denim a third life, but also displayed some of the contemporary design ideas that make Mignonne what it is. 

Often a sentimental value is attached to heirloom items, like the blankets and rugs you've inherited or acquired throughout the years. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and we have an interest in helping you to preserve the things you love.

When you upholster a piece in this unique style, you have an opportunity to tell a story, whether it be about your family's history, your interests and passions, or even your lost and forgotten loves, like Johnelle did with her beloved paint spattered pants. Without covering you with paint splatters of your own, she can tell say something about her process, her life, and what matters to her.

So, consider the plethora of upholstery ideas, like splatter paint, before you banish your furniture to the basement or sidewalk! This chair found on HGTV's Emily Henderson's blog is sure to make a splash, but why not let us help you create something uniquely yours, with a story to tell?

There's nothing like a statement piece with a story behind it, and nothing like a display piece with great usability!

Blankets and Textiles at the Alameda Flea Market, photo curtosy of

All in all, an outrageous look often expands our minds to the possibilities in design and aesthetic. We love finding unique ways to repurpose all kinds of textiles, often saving them from total degradation, and giving them an new life and use. On top of items upholstered with old clothing, we've done reupholstering with old upholstery remnants, blankets, and even rugs. We're always looking for new ideas in upholstery, so bring us your projects and we can help you to design a statement piece of your own!

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