Saturday, January 11, 2014

IR: In a true winter spirit, we're rolling out our newest settee, 'SMOKE' playing with some black on black, for a dark horse look in these dreary months. As the saying goes "*insert color here* is the new black!", well, this year, black "is the new black." In a world of color, black is sleek, sophisticated, and sultry. 

When bombarded with aromas of potpourri and cashmere, daring is the scent of leather and tabac. Amidst the colors of the seasons, spring, summer,and fall, lie the rich depths of winter in blacks, browns and grays. 

With that in mind, we're presenting some more masculine pieces this winter, and our star is the real and recycled leather 'SMOKE' settee...
Recycled leather allows for flexibility in a budget, significantly cutting the costs of material, as well as reducing waste. 

This particular couch is from the late 1800's to the early 1910's, in addition to the quality of craftsmanship that entails, it also means it is unique in size. Because this settee was not made in an era of standardization it doesn't fall under a size category. Measuring in at 56" wide, 23 1/2" deep and 38 3/4" tall, it's small, but no love seat, nor is it a gargantuan couch. It's a great place to sit and talk.

To modernize a settee like this we take into account the original look, and the appropriations of that look throughout the years. Often details in a piece can date it, and because at Mignonne we aren't replicators or imitators, we look for ways to transform a forgotten item into a fresh, unique statement.

The details are lovely and delicate, so there's no need to accentuate the feminine aspects. Instead of remaining in line with the delicate theme its structure begs for, we balanced the delicacy of the settee with an added masculine side: the brutish, black, patchwork leather upholstery. 

Often when we color block, it feels like a stark contrast is essential, but the contrast may be more rich, even more daring when it resides in the textures and the subtle hues. And as for the color, black on black is synonymous with high fashion, how do we know? We bet your grandma wouldn't do it! 

With lots of people renovating antique homes and trying to keep original interiors, while not wanting to live in a replica of grandma's living room, they're looking for ways to make classic interiors and pieces new, modern and bold. This is achieved by honoring the shapes and the details of an antique, while taking artistic liberties with fabric, pattern, and mismatched decor. We're all about helping you do just that!

Our 'SMOKE' settee is available for purchase now in our shop on 2447 San Pablo Ave. and Dwight Street in Berkeley, 94702.  

At Mignonne we offer design services with reupholstery, revamping and transforming pieces you may come across or already own, as well as items already in our shop. This is a unique piece, but so are so many of our pieces, if you are interested in creating a similar look we'd love to start a conversation about the process!

Come on in to the shop, or inquire online at



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