Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IR: Hey there! I'd like to introduce our newest window displays! They are just so yummy. Sexy, cozy, warm, and sultry. Marie really pulled out all the stops for these puppies. 

Inspired by the art deco era, the use of metallics in geometric shapes reminds one of The Great Gatsby, which has made a recent comeback in the right brain of many creative types, inspiring many of us and recalling us to a time of no holds barred. Thrown into the mix are some lovely accessories, seemingly tossed off in a fervor. Wine glasses lay strewn about in a careless glamor. And the beaded necklaces of rambunctious flapper girls are draped about, somehow perfectly accenting the clean lines of the furniture with a beautiful mess. The textures as well, are rich and abundant, from a silky black backdrop, to sleek metallics, extravagant beading and jewelry, and sultry fur, give the eye nothing to grow bored of.

Designing a little display space is kind of like putting together an outfit. We don't want to mix too many patterns, but if the texture's all the same it looks too much like one muddled pool. With a black silk art deco dress, a true flapper girl would see the purpose of accessorizing. She may try on her fur stole, some long beads, and possibly a shiny chain purse, to glam up and go out on the town!

Thanks for taking a look, and remember to stay on the lookout for our upcoming Holiday Soiree! Held on December 22nd at 5pm here at Mignonne, 2447 San Pablo Avenue.




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