Salvaged Chic of the Week: Revamped Mod Couch

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This week's Salvaged Chic of the Week is a revamped mod couch! We recently reupholstered this classic mid-century piece keeping in mind the integrity of this original design while modernizing it in the reupholstery process. Here she is before:
When designers say that the success of shows like Mad Men inspired them to create pieces that bridge the style and sophistication of the sixties with the sleek designs and pops of color of modern times, you imagine a piece like this. Here she is all dressed up after:
This was another couch that had great bones but needed to be brought back to its former glory to be fully appreciated and functional in today's time. Johnelle and our client chose a simple gray linen for the overall fabric which compliments the original design of the couch while still making it feel modern. It is always a good route to try to utilize fabrics that might have been original contenders to a piece if you are wanting to keep a similar vibe. To give the couch more dimension and to pump a little fun into it, we added pops of color in the piping. The texture of the piping matches the main fabric as they are both linens, but the teal helps to break apart the long length of this couch and its sleek shape, and also enhances the amazing tufted detailing.
The quality of our reupholstery doesn't just end with what you see. We added all new cushioning and re-lined the underside of the couch. You can see before how the bottom had become tattered and unkempt.
Now this mod couch would be at home in a stylish mid-century inspired space.
This couch is a great core piece that would beautifully anchor a living room and make all of your martini-swishing guests flock to sit on it!
If you have a couch, or other project, you'd like to see reupholstered please email us at!
All Revamped Mod Couch photos by Johnelle Mancha. Other photos One:, Two:, Three:, Four:

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