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Saturday, September 24, 2011

There are so many potential projects out there, and it can be so incredible to witness the transformations of them! This table and chair set is a perfect example. A lovely client of ours knew that her dining set had good bones, and could probably be transformed, but would this option be better than just buying a whole new set? In the end it really is a personal choice, but what we love to offer at Mignonne, is the option for clients to get involved! What does your dream set look and feel like? This is where we start.

In this case wipeable friendly, rustic modern, and a pop of animal instinct was on the table. We were ready to start working our magic while the loose ends fell into place.

A dated speckled table top finish and base was keeping this piece stuck in the late 60's, and not in a good way. It felt drabby, and needed to be rejuvenated.

Keeping in theme with a rustic modern vibe, we encouraged the client to let us unearth the dated finish, and unveil the lighter wood screaming to come out! With it's natural imperfections, it proved to be reborn!

We wanted to modernize the base, so a crisp white felt appropriate!

Fully extended, this beauty will be the center for many family occasions to come! I think that is one of the most gratifying things of this business to me! I love knowing that I literally get to transform pieces with my own two hands, and they then get to live on in the homes of families and be passed on :)

Moving on to the chairs, these were challenging! Because spraying furniture is not my approach ( I find that is cheapens the final feel, and doesn't have as much soul... ), I spent hours layering every little nook and cranny. The client fell in love with a magical, sparkled blue vinyl, and zebra fabric.

Chairs before:

Group Shot of them all!!

We added a silver brushed nailhead design to all the chairs, which again played up that modern twist! The vinyl is stylie, and easy to wipe clean.

Last on the agenda, the animal instinct was left for the head chairs!

Mignonne can transform your unlovables, and we love to collaborate with you on new designs. Let that bohemian spirit come through and shine in your house! We will be hear to help guide you through the process, xoxoox.

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