bohemian décor rhapsody ...

Monday, April 27, 2009

continuing our design theme features ... here's the dish on bohemian décor.  Of course, we like it best when bohemian meets francaise for some gloriously quirky urban designs.

Bohemian décor mixes vivid color, draping fabrics, antiques and informal layering to create welcoming nests out of your rooms.  Think a melange of patterns, complimentary colors, eclectic pairings of modern and antique ... and with the splash of francaise you'll see some baroque hints, lots of gold and gilt ... and some of those classic lines found in antique french fateuilles and commodes.

Check out that wall arrangement in the mirror's reflection ... grouping a large collection of art ... perhaps using a constant frame color on different sized and shaped frames or the reverse ... same frame shape and size but a variety of colors ... is an example of a bohemian touch that is easy to create.

You don't have to break the bank ... consult with us for some whimsical repurposing of a thrift store find. We can also work with you to mine existing decorations to unearth treasures that bring your design vision to light in a whole new way.



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