Refurbished, why do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1. Refurbishing is a way to love mother earth. Extending the life of products already here can add up to less new items produced/required and less waste in a dump site. Households often throw out old furniture instead of seeking ways to reuse servicable items. Furniture is bulky waste and disposal to landfills represents a drain on resources.

2. Older furniture is often times of a higher quality, both the wood and the craftsmanship.

3. Refurbishing sustains vintage style and designs, allowing for continued enjoyment of classic looks and features. At Mignonne, we are always seeking ways to improve our 'green impact'. We are focused on using lower-impact products in our refurbishment process.

4. In these times of economic challenge, refurbished furniture and d├ęcor items make budget sense! Being more aware of your pocketbook and somewhat frugal doesn't have to mean sacrificing style and comfort in your home environment.

5. Refurbishing with Mignonne can be fun! If you have items you'd like to refresh, Johnelle can help you reveal your personal style with expert advice and customizing your pieces. We will consult with you on color and finish options, and even complete the project for you ... at a reasonable price.

6. Refurbished can encompass a wide variety of styles and looks. Refurbished doesn't always mean 'shabby' ... you can have a contemporary look, a mid-century modern style, European influences, rustic ... your imagination is the key!

7. Johnelle's art background and flair for design means you will always find a great assortment of fun and practical vintage pieces at Mignonne to complement your home. We concentrate on fresh colors and looks to spice things up, and affordably price our items.

Resolve to increase your personal 'reuse' commitment and improve or change your home design at the same time by selecting refurbished items versus new. Stop by Mignonne and see what a wide variety of options are in store for you!



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