Introducing our new Merchandising Intern, Hannah Fenves

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are delighted to introduce our merchandising intern for the coming quarter.

Hannah Fenves grew up in the east bay and graduated from Saint Mary's College of California with a degree in Studio Art. She is interested in how design can influence people's perceptions of the environment they are in, whether it be graphic design, fashion design, or interior design.

She also enjoys collaborating with other artists to create installations that are layered, unique, and colorful; juxtaposing elements that are not often paired together.

We anticipate some great collaborative outcomes from Hannah partnering with Johnelle to design our popular store windows and in-store vignettes.

As a reminder, Mignonne has extended our commitment to local artists to include creating opportunities for young aspiring artists to demonstrate their creativity and gain experience in d├ęcor merchandising. We have a rotating, 3-month internship program for design and art students in our local community.

If you know of a local artist or student in the area that would be interestested in our program, have them contact us at Mignonne (contact details in our blog header).

We will be interviewing for the new year (2009) rotation in December.



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